Our Story

Green Door Chocolate is a small independent bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Bath, Somerset. Owned and run by us - Nick and Steph - from our tiny workshop behind a (purely coincidental) green door, we source premium single origin cacao beans through transparent trade and turn them into really good bars of chocolate. With each origin, brings a unique flavour and personality to our bars and we think they have a lot to say.

Every step of our handcrafted process is tailored to bring out the best flavour of the cacao bean we’re working with. Throughout our journey to becoming craft chocolate makers, it has become our philosophy to ‘get to know your beans’ and we find this to be one of the most enjoyable parts of what we do. We use flavour mapping to create flavour descriptors for our chocolate bars which we are all familiar with, so craft chocolate is welcoming to all those who are curious.  

We have both worked in the food industry for over 10 years, after studying food science at university in Bath. It has long since been our goal to start our own small food business, built on using high quality ingredients with lots of opportunity to experiment with flavour, no room for shortcuts and, well, a bit of science; all of which craft chocolate has in abundance.                                  
Nick is the chief chocolate maker, bringing his experience as a food product developer for food and drinks companies in his day job before starting Green Door Chocolate. Steph has worked in quality and marketing in food ingredients and nutrition companies, so handles everything else involved with running our small business and all that goes into ensuring our chocolate bars reach their intended devotees, all wrapped in our sustainable and compostable packaging.                                                                                                                   
Having watched excitedly and admiringly from the side-lines for longer than we care to admit as the craft chocolate revolution booms, we have been learning, creating and refining our chocolate making process. Which brings us to this point, where we no longer drift off to sleep to the sound of our chocolate grinder in our kitchen and finally have our own (very) small converted dedicated chocolate workshop, which is something we are super proud of. After overcoming the unmentionable hurdles that the planet faced in 20/21, we finally took the leap as we fell evermore for the kinship of craft chocolate and the meaningful impact it creates for all on the journey.                                                  
We believe chocolate is nostalgic and complex in its power of connection, so it was really important to us that our packaging reflected the attention to detail that goes into making every chocolate bar. The intricate design has been hand drawn by a fellow Bath independent creator and digital artist, Good Goose Designs (aka our mate Jen). We spent a lot of time (and ate a lot of chocolate) as we blended together our ideas in every best way. The joy of celebration and sharing something delicious with family and friends has always been, and continues to be, one of our finest pleasures in life.                                                                      

It’s our intention to contribute our own piece to the changing landscape of how people enjoy chocolate, which includes greater transparency and traceability on how chocolate is made and how cacao is sourced. We believe chocolate should be crafted for flavour through an honest and ethical supply chain, making it the most enjoyable it can be; because why do something half-hearted when it comes to something as important as chocolate?

We offer a warm welcome to anyone interested in our small business and thank you so much for your support.

- Nick + Steph