Growing and harvesting cacao requires constant and skilled monitoring and we are incredibly lucky to work with cacao beans sourced from a supply chain that integrates small farmers because they are the backbone of cocoa production across the world. 

To ensure sustainable cocoa production and conservation, for both farmers and cacao agroforestry, we believe it is vital that the business of cocoa farming is to enable farmers to obtain high prices for the literal fruits of their labour. Our beans are traceable to farm level and we gratefully and humbly champion each origin, valuing the adventure they bring to differentiate the flavour of each of our chocolate bars.

It is thanks to the farmers and their relentless effort, that we (the people) can enjoy chocolate. So we (Green Door) think that deserves the due attention and respect. We take the responsibility of showcasing the hard work of cacao farmers in earnest and believe that to turn cacao into the final chocolate bars we make, really is a worthy labour of love.

To enjoy good quality chocolate, is to support cacao farmers, small craft chocolate makers and most importantly, raise the bar on your own chocolate standards. 


Our organic Indian beans are grown in the south-west state of Kerala in the Idukki hills, which is known for its rich and fertile soil, perfect for growing high quality cacao.

We have been in awe of these beans since our first sample batch, because they have such an intriguing flavour profile in one small piece of this beautiful dark chocolate. Starting with a rich creamy flavour, to a tartness of fresh apple and ending in notes of sweet dark raisins, with even more interesting flavours you might recognise along the way, like white wine and a woody citrus warmth to the whole bar. This is an exhilarating journey for the senses and a most exciting chocolate bar.

Supported by a small post-harvesting facility called GoGround, a little over 100 farmers benefit from the collaborative relationship, receiving premium prices and immediate payment for their cacao beans, as well as training on organic farming methods. The beans are grown amongst agroforestry shared with a huge variety of fruit including passionfruit and banana, and aromatic spices, which results in the remarkable taste of our chocolate bars made with these wonderful beans.

Variety: Trinitario and Forestero, Mankuva

Fermentation: 5 days in timber boxes, then sun-dried on tables under open shelter

Buy if: you’re feeling bold, empowered & playful

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Dominican Republic

Known affectionately as our beloved Dom Rep, these outstanding organic cacao beans are grown on the Zorzal estate located in the Duarte province; the heart of the cacao region of the Dominican Republic. Careful control of their harvest, fermentation and drying result in exceptional quality cacao, with our final chocolate bars promising a distinctive indulgent chocolatey profile, in which we taste rich deep flavours of red fruits and roasting coffee.

These beans are grown by 25 small-holder farming families who receive premium prices for their cacao. The Zorzal farms ensure sustainable cocoa production through agroforestry, where the farmers play a major role in conserving biodiversity through reforestation and training in organic farming techniques.

Variety: Amelonado and Trinitario

Fermentation: 6 days with 3 turns, then dried for 7 days in solar tunnels and direct sun

Buy if: you’re feeling loved up (with yourself or anyone else), satisfied and optimistic

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The northwest of the country is home to the MAVA estate in the Sambirano Valley, which has a rich biodiversity on the banks of the Sambirano river. Our Madagascan origin chocolate bars are made with the aromatic cacao from the Antsamala single farm on the estate. The cacao grows under the canopy of indigenous shade trees, in a sustainable agroforestry system that forms a buffer zone protecting Sambirano's natural rainforests. This unique growing environment of these organic beans result in chocolate bars with a distinctive delicate fruity profile with flavours of summer berries and sweet vanilla biscuit.

Employees of the MAVA estate are paid a premium salary and benefit from health insurance, transportation for staff and have access to a land to grow their own staple crops.

Variety: Criollo, Trinitario and Forestero; adapted to the Malagasy climate

Fermentation: 6 days in wooden boxes with 3 turns, pre-drying on concrete slabs, then sun-dried on wooden racks

Buy if: you’re feeling extravagant or here for the hedonism

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Tumaco city is located in the southwestern corner of Colombia on the Pacific ocean, close to the Ecuador border and cacao has long played a role in the country’s history and food culture. As Colombia slowly makes strides towards peace, premium cacao cultivation is fast becoming the alternative solution in eradicating coca farms, where cacao and coca thrive in similar conditions; tropical climates with a rich biodiversity.
In more recent times, years of investment in training farmers and post-harvesting has resulted in speciality fine flavour cacao, providing the opportunity to increase cacao production and exports to help rebuild internal conflict. Cacao Hunters - whose mission has helped transform the Colombian cacao communities - dispatch and facilitate export to chocolate makers like us, all over the world. Tumaco cacao is grown by around 600 smallholder farmers in the region, who benefit from higher prices and the support across three cooperatives, with an aim to include more farming families to benefit from their local facilities and training in the future.
Tumaco beans have an intensely chocolatey profile and pair beautifully in our creamy milk chocolate bar. We developed this bar as a perfect introduction to craft chocolate or if you simply wish to revel in the nostalgic comfort of a milk bar; but the best version of it.

Variety: Trinitario

Fermentation: 7 days in horizontal wooden boxes, 5 turns

Buy if: you're feeling nostalgic and non-judgemental

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